Chapter 9: Empowerment and Accomplishment


The secret to success is constancy of purpose.

—Benjamin Disraeli, former prime minister of England

In the previous chapters, we discussed the benefits of customer loyalty, the five principles that create loyalty, and how you can apply this information to your business. The five principles are truths: They don't work just sometimes for some people; they are working for you or against you all the time. The five principles are like gravity; gravity is on all of the time. You don't have to know about gravity or understand it for it to affect you. You do not have to know about or understand the five principles of customer loyalty to have them affect your business. Your business is prospering from the abundance or suffering from the lack of loyal customers right now. The five principles are affecting your business whether you acknowledge them or not.

Why Customers Come Back. How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
Why Customers Come Back: How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
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