Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc)

Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc)

Tasks that can be accomplished:

One-stop shopping for all your GPO management needs. You can perform just about any GPO management task from this tool. A variety of scripts are also provided with the GPMC install that can be used to manage GPOs from a command line. The GPMC scripts used in this book include: BackupGpo.wsf, CopyGpo.wsf, CreateGpo.wsf, DeleteGpo.wsf, DumpGpoInfo.wsf, GetReportsForGpo.wsf, ImportGpo.wsf, ListAllGpos.wsf, QueryBackupLocation.wsf, RestoreGpo.wsf, and SetGpoPermissions.wsf

Type of tool:

MMC snap-in

Where to find it:

Recipes in which it is used:

Recipe 5.11, Recipe 9.1, Recipe 9.2, Recipe 9.3, Recipe 9.4, Recipe 9.5, Recipe 9.6, Recipe 9.7, Recipe 9.8, Recipe 9.9, Recipe 9.10, Recipe 9.11, Recipe 9.12, Recipe 9.13, Recipe 9.14, Recipe 9.15, Recipe 9.16, Recipe 9.17, Recipe 9.18, Recipe 9.19

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