Electronic mail.
e-mail address
The information that identifies the e-mail account of a message recipient, including the user name and domain name separated by the @ sign. For example, someone@microsoft.com .
e-mail links
A hyperlink that initiates a new e-mail message window.
e-mail server
A computer, on a network, that routes and stores e-mail messages.
embedded cascading style sheet
A document embedded within a Web page that defines formats and styles for different page elements.
embedded object
An object that becomes part of the destination file and is no longer a part of its source file.
Encoded for privacy protection.
Encoding data to prevent unauthorized access. An encrypted messageis unreadable to all but the recipient, who has a public key that will decrypt it.
A note or citation that appears at the end of a document to explain,comment on, or provide references for text in a document. See also footnote .
error code
A brief message that occurs in a worksheet cell , describing a problem with a formula or function.
In Access, an action performed by a user or by Access, to which a programmed response can be attached. Common user events include Click, Double Click, Mouse Down, Mouse Move, and Mouse Up.
exclusive use
A setting used when you want to be the only person who currently has a database open. You must open a database for exclusive use when setting or removing a password that limits database access.
The process of converting and saving a file format to be used in another program.
A combination of functions, field values, constants, and operators that yield a result. Expressions can be simple, such as > 100 , or complex, such as ((Product Price*Quantity)*.90)+(Shipping+Handling) .
Expression Builder
A feature used to create formulas (expressions) used in query criteria, form and report properties, and table validation rules.
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
A refined language developed for Web documents that describes document structure rather than appearance.
A period followed by a three-letter program identifier. Examples of extensions are .doc for Word and .xls for Excel.
external cascading style sheet
A document outside of a Web page that defines formats and styles for different page elements. External style sheets can be referenced by multiple documents to provide a consistent look across pages and sites.
An individual item of the information that is the same type across all records. See also records .
field name
A first-row cell in a datasheet that indicates the type of information in the column below it.
Information, such as a document, that a program saves with a unique name.
file format
The way that a program stores a file so that the program can open the file later.
file name
The name of a file.
file structure
A description of a file or group of files that are to be treated together for some purpose. Such a description includes file layout and location for each file under consideration.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
A protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network.
Files report
A FrontPage report providing information about all the files in a Web site or about specific groups of files, such as those most recently added or modified.
To exclude records from a data list in a mail merge.
A way to view only those items or files that meet conditions you specify.
First Line Indent marker
In Word, the small upper triangle on the horizontal ruler that controls the first line of the paragraph.
fixed-width text file
A common text file format that is often used to transfer data from older applications. Each record is always the same number of characters long, and the same field within the records is always the same number of characters. Any characters not occupied by real data are filled with zeros.
A marker that can be set to true or false to indicate the state of an object.
flat database
A simple database consisting of one table. See also relational database .
floating toolbar
A toolbar that is not attached to an edge of a window.
An icon signifying a place on a hard disk for organizing documents andprograms. Folders can contain files and subfolders .
Folder List
In Outlook, the list that displays the folders available in your mailbox.
Folders view
The FrontPage view that displays the visible files and folders thatare part of the open Web site.
follow-up flag
An icon associated with a message indicating a need for action.
A complete set of characters that all have the same design.
font color
One of a range of colors that can be applied to text from a standardor customized palette.
font effect
An attribute, such as superscript, small capital letters , or shadow, that can be applied to a font.
font size
The size of text, usually expressed in points.
font style
An attribute that changes the look of text. The most common font styles are regular (or plain), italic, bold, and bold italic.
A region at the bottom of a page whose text can be applied to all or someof the pages in a document.
A note or citation that appears at the bottom of a page to explain, comment on, or provide references for text in a document. See also endnote .
A printed or online document with instructions, questions, and fields (blanks) where users can enter their responses. In Access, a database object used to enter, edit, and manipulate information in a database table. A form gives you a simple view of some or all of the fields of one record at a time.
form field
A predefined place where users enter their answers to the questions on a form.
form field properties
Settings with which you can change form field attributes, such as text field length or the check box default setting.
Form view
The view in which you can enter and modify the information in a record. See also views .
A mathematical expression that performs calculations, such as adding or averaging values.
A division of a Web page that contains either content or a link to content from another source.
frames page
A special page for viewing multiple elements, including Web documents.
The single shell page of a frames page that contains individual frames of information drawn together from multiple sources.
To assign cells that will remain at the top of a worksheet regardless of how far down the worksheet a user scrolls .
friendly name
A simple name that translates into a more complex one; friendly names used to identify Web locations are translated by the computer to more complex IP addresses.
front-end database
The part of a split database that is distributed to the people who analyze and enter data. The actual data tables are stored on a server for security reasons. See also back-end database .
See File Transfer Protocol.
A named procedure or routine in a program, often used for mathematical or financial calculations.
function procedure
In VBA, a procedure that is enclosed in Function and EndFunction statements and returns a value. See also sub procedure .

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