data access page
A dynamic Web page that allows users to directly manipulate data in a database via the Internet.
data marker
A graphical representation in a chart of each data point in a data series. The data is plotted against an x-axis, a y-axis, and ”in three-dimensional charts ”a z-axis.
data point
The value in a datasheet s cell that, together with other data points, comprise a data series.
data series
A group of related data points in a datasheet.
data series marker
A graphical representation of the information in a data series.
data source
A database or file from which information is drawn for another purpose, such as a mail merge document or data access page.
data table
A grid attached to a chart that shows the data used to create the chart.
data type
The type of data that can be entered in a field: text, memo, number, date/time, currency, AutoNumber, Boolean (Yes/No), OLE object, and hyperlink. You set the data type by displaying the table in Design view.
data warehouse
A company that serves as a data repository for a variety of data and that may make use of replication to keep each database synchronized when more than one version of the database is updated in more than one remote location.
database application
A database that is refined and made simpler for the userby the sophisticated use of queries, forms, reports , a switchboard, and various other tools.
database program
A program that stores data. Programs range from those that can store one table per file (referred to as a flat database ) to those that can store many related tables per file (referred to as a relational database ).
database security
The protection of database information from accidental damage, destruction, or theft through the use of encryption, passwords, access permissions, replication, and other security measures.
database window
The window from which all database objects can be manipulated or accessed.
A numerical representation of data in cells that form rows and columns .
Datasheet view
In Access, the view in which the information in a table or querycan be viewed and manipulated. See also views .
date and time fields
These fields supply the date and time from your computer s internal calendar and clock, so that you don t have to look them up.
Date Navigator
The small calendar that appears next to the appointment area in the Outlook Calendar. The Date Navigator provides a quick and easy way to change and view dates.
Day view
The Calendar view displaying one day at a time, separated into half- hour increments .
Unscrambling a database that has been encrypted for security reasons.
A person given permission to read, reply to and delete your messages in one or more folders.
delete query
A query that deletes a group of records from one or more tables.
delimited text file
A type of text file format in which each record and each field is separated from the next by a known character called a delimiter .
A character such as a comma (,), semicolon (;), or backslash (\), or pairs of characters such as quotation marks ( ) or braces ({}), that are used to separate records and fields in a delimited text file.
In an outline, to change a heading to body text or to a lower-level heading; to indent a title or bulleted item on a slide, moving it down in the outline to a lower-level item ( a bullet item or sub-point).
The cells with formulas that use the value from a particular cell.
design grid
The name given to the structure used in Design view to manually construct and modify advanced filters and queries.
Design Master
In replication, the version of the database from which replicas are made and where changes made to replicas are copied and synchronized.
Design pane
One of the four panes in FrontPage Page view. This pane displays your page much as it will appear in a Web browser.
design template
A presentation with a designed format and color scheme.
Design view
The view in which the structure of a table or query can be viewed and manipulated. See also views .
desktop alert
A notification that appears on your desktop when a new e-mail message, meeting request, or task request appears in your Inbox.
desktop publishing
A process that combines text and graphics in an appealing and easy to read format, such as a report, newsletter, or book.
destination file
A file into which you are inserting information created in another program.
Acronym for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.
A relational representation of information, such as an organization chart.
dial-up networking
A component of Windows with which you can connect your computer to a network server through a modem.
digital ID
A private key that stays on the sender s computer and a certificate that contains a public key. The certificate is sent with digitally signed messages.
digital signature
An electronic, secure stamp of authentication on a document.
digitally signing
Proving one s identity by attaching a digital certificate to an e-mail message. The certificate is part of the sender s digital ID.
In reference to menu commands, unavailable and displayed in gray font.
directory server
A computer on which a directory is stored.
discussion Web site
A Web site where people communicate by submitting, or posting, messages, or articles. Discussion Web sites include the following features:
disk-based Web site
A Web site that is located on a floppy disk, CD-ROM, or acomputer that is not configured as a Web server.
distribution list
A collection of e-mail addresses combined into a single list name. All members of the list receive the e-mail message sent to the list name.
docked toolbar
A toolbar that is attached to the edge of a window.
Attaching a toolbar to one edge of the window.
Document Map
A pane on the left side of the screen that displays the document s headings. You can click a heading in the Document Map to move to that heading in the document.
document properties
Information about a document, including details about the document s creation and modification, size and location, author and subject of the document, and more.
document workspace
A Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site that contains your Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or Microsoft Visio files, making them available to the people working on the document, called members, you specify.
document window
The part of a Word program where you enter and edit text.
domain name
The unique name that identifies an Internet site. A domain name has two or more parts , separated by periods, as in my.domain.name .
dotted selection box
The border of a selected object that indicates that you can manipulate the entire object.
Moving or copying items from a server to a local computer.
A message that has not yet been sent.
drag-and-drop editing
A method for quickly moving or copying selected text bydragging it to a new location. To copy selected text, you hold down the [CTRL] key as you drag.
drawing canvas
An area that contains drawing objects.
drawing object
An image created within Word ”an AutoShape, a diagram, a line,or a WordArt object.
drop-down form field
A form field with which you can provide predefined answers so that users are limited to specified choices.
duplicate query
A form of select query that locates records that have the same information in one or more fields that you specify.
dynamic effect
A Web component, such as a banner ad or marquee, that adds motion to a Web page.
Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML)
A new version of the standard authoring language, HTML, that includes codes for dynamic Web page elements.
dynamic Web page
A page whose content is created in response to some actionon the part of a user who is viewing the page over the Internet. See also static HTML page .

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