back-end database
The part of a split database that is stored on a server for security reasons, and which usually consists of the tables and other objects that you don t want people to be able to modify. See also front-end database .
The underlying colors, shading, texture, and style of the color scheme.
binary file
A file coded so that its data can be read by a computer.
A location in a document that is marked so that you, or your reader, can return to it quickly.
A data type that can hold either of two mutually exclusive values, often expressed as yes/no , 1/10 , on/off , or true/false .
Boolean query
A True or False query that utilizes logical operators including AND, OR, IF THEN, EXCEPT, and NOT.
The edge or visible frame surrounding a workspace, window, document, table, cell , or graphic.
Linked, as when a form used to view table information is linked to the table.
A replication folder that you use to keep files in sync when you workon different computers in different locations.
browser sniffer
A program that detects the Web browser and version used by each Web visitor.
A small graphic, such as a dot, that introduces a line or paragraph in a list.
bullet points
A list of items in which each item is preceded by a symbol.
bulleted lists
An unordered list of concepts, items, or options.
A graphical image or text box that executes a command. Buttons appear on toolbars , in dialog boxes, and in other display elements.
Cached Exchange Mode
A feature of Outlook that creates local copies of your mailbox and address book on your computer and keeps them synchronized. Cached Exchange Mode monitors your connection status and speed and optimizes data transfer accordingly .
The scheduling component of Outlook that is fully integrated with e-mail, contacts, and other Outlook features.
The expository text associated with a graphic or other type of figure.
The capitalization (uppercase or lowercase) of a word or phrase. Title case has the first letter of all important words capitalized. Sentence case has only the first letter of the first word capitalized. ZIP is all uppercase, and zip is all lowercase. Toggle case changes uppercase to lowercase and vice versa.
A keyword or phrase that you assign to Outlook items so that you can easily find, sort , filter, or group them.
cell address
A combination of the column letter and the row number at the intersection where the cell is located.
The intersection of a row and a column in a table or spreadsheet. A cell isdisplayed as a rectangular space that can hold text, a value, or a formula.
cell padding
The space between the borders of a cell and the text inside it.
change markers
Icons that indicate where reviewers have made a revision to a slide.
character formatting
Collectively, a font and the attributes used to vary its look.
character spacing
The space between letters and other characters in words and sentences. Character spacing can be adjusted so the characters are closer together or farther apart.
character style
A set of attributes that can be applied to selected characters by selecting the style from a list.
A graphic that uses lines, bars, columns , pie slices, or other markers to represent numbers and other values.
chart area
The entire area within the frame displayed when you click a chart.
check-box form field
A form field that enables you to provide several options, which users can click to indicate their choices.
child page
A Web page that is subordinate to another Web page, known as the parent page.
class module
One of two types of modules in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). A class module is associated with a specific form or report. See also standard module .
Click and Type
A way to insert text, graphics, or other items in a blank area of a document. When you double-click in a blank area, Click and Type will automatically apply the paragraph formatting to position the item where you double-clicked.
client rules
Rules that are applied to messages stored on your computer.
 clip art
A ready-made graphic that can be copied and incorporated into other documents or presentations.
VBA programs; also called procedures , referred to in Access as modules.See also class module; standard module .
Code pane
One of the four panes in FrontPage Page view. This pane displaysthe HTML code behind the Web page.
collaboration site
A Web site for team use. See also SharePoint team Web sites .
To assemble or print in order.
color menu
The color palette associated with Drawing toolbar buttons, such as Fill Color, Line Color, or Font Color.
color model
A method of specifying color, such as RGB (red-green-blue) and HSL (hue-saturation-luminance) for monitors and CMYK (cyan- magenta -yellow- black) and PANTONE for printers.
color scheme
A set of eight complementary colors available for designing your PowerPoint slides. A color scheme consists of a background color, a color for lines and text, and six additional colors balanced to provide a professional look to a presentation.
One of the vertical sections or stacks of information in a table or spreadsheet.
column headings
The gray buttons (A, B, C, etc.) across the top of a datasheet. See also row headings .
combo box
A control in which you can either select from a drop-down list or type an option.
comma-delimited text file
A data file consisting of fields and records, stored as text, in which the fields are separated from each other by commas.
command button
A control shaped like a button to which you can attach code that runs when the button is clicked.
A note embedded in a document, Web page, or code segment that canbe hidden or displayed as needed.
comment balloon
In Word s Track Changes feature, a text box that appears in the margin of the document.
comparison operator
An operator that compares values, such as < (less than), > (greater than), and = (equal to).
A part of a database that is used to store and organize information. Also known as a database object .
To reduce the file size of an image. Sometimes picture quality is compromised for smaller file size .
A means of compacting information for more efficient transportation.
conditional formats
Formats that are applied only when cell contents meet certain criteria.
conditional formula
A formula that calculates a value using one of two different expressions, depending on whether a third expression is true or false.
connection pointer
A small box pointer with which you drag a connection line between two connection points.
connection points
Small blue handles on each side of a shape that you use to adda connection line between two shapes .
A named item that retains a constant value throughout the execution ofa program, as opposed to a variable, whose value can change during execution.
A person, inside or outside of your organization, about whom you can save information, such as street and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web page URLs, in an entry in your Contacts folder in Outlook.
An object such as a label, text box, option button, or check box in a formor report that allows you to view or manipulate information stored in tables or queries.
control boxes
The gray boxes at the beginning of a row or column in a datasheet that correspond to the different data series.
control property
A setting that determines the appearance of a control, what data it displays, and how that data looks. A control s properties can be viewed and changed in its Properties dialog box.
control source
The source of a control s data ”the field, table or query whose data will be displayed in the control.
The specifications you give to Access so that it can find matching fields and records. Criteria can be simple, such as all the records with a postal code of 98052, or complex, such as the phone numbers of all customers who have placed orders for over $500 worth of live plants within the last two weeks.
Cutting off the top, bottom, or sides of a graphic to trim it to a smaller size.
An entry that refers the reader to another entry.
crosstab query
A query that calculates and restructures data for easier analysis. See also select query; parameter query; action query .

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