The designation of a picture whose position is determined by measurements you set. See also relatively .
absolute path
A designation of the location of a file including the root directory and the descending series of subdirectories leading to the end file. See also relative path.
access violation
A type of error caused by attempting to access a page or site that is not allowed.
action button
Navigation buttons that can be added to slides.
action query
A type of query that updates or makes changes to multiple records in one operation.
active cell
A selected cell.
Active Directory
A network service that stores information about resources, such as computers and printers.
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Pages stored on a server that generate different views of the data in response to choices users make on a Web page.
Supplemental programs that extend a program s capabilities.
address book
A collection of names , e-mail addresses, and distribution lists used to address messages. An address book might be provided by Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, or Internet directory services.
address card
Contact information displayed in a block that looks like a paper business card.
adjustable objects
Objects with an adjustment handle (a small yellow diamond) that allows you to alter their appearance without changing their size .
adjustment handle
A small yellow diamond you can use to alter the appearance of the shape without changing its size.
agenda slide
A slide used at the beginning of a presentation that outlines in bulleted points the presentation s material.
aggregate function
A function that groups and performs calculations on multiple fields.
An alternate name used for identification. Using a generic e-mail alias that automatically forwards received e-mail messages to one or more individuals ensures that messages are always received by the appropriate person.
The manner in which a cell s contents are arranged within that cell(for example, centered).
All Mail Folders
The list that displays the folders available in your mailbox. If the Folder List is not visible, on the Navigation Pane, click Folder List.
anchor tag
Code in an HTML document that defines a bookmark or a linkto a bookmark, Web page, Web site, or e-mail address.
animated pictures
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) or digital video files thatyou can insert into a slide presentation as a movie.
animation scheme
A set of professionally designed animations divided into three categories: Subtle, Moderate, and Exciting.
anonymous user
A members of the general public who views a Web site.
append query
A query that adds a group of records from one or more tablesto the end of one or more tables.
An entry in your Outlook Calendar that does not involve inviting other people or resources.
A curved line whose angle you can change by dragging an adjustment handle.
Moving old or expired items out of your Inbox and other message folders to an alternate location for storage.
Specific data a function requires to calculate a value.
arithmetic operator
An operator that performs an arithmetic operation: + (addition), ”(subtraction), * (multiplication), or / (division).
A message posted to a Discussion Web site.
Acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange , a coding scheme for text characters developed in 1968. ASCII files have the extension .asc .
See Active Server Pages.
aspect ratio
The relationship between a graphic s height and width.
A file that accompanies an e-mail message.
A changeable characteristic of a shape ”such as fill, line, and shadow ”or of text ”such as style, font, color , embossment, and shadow.
The process of examining a worksheet for errors.
An Outlook feature that archives messages automatically at scheduled intervals, clearing out old and expired items from folders. AutoArchive is active by default.
AutoContent Wizard
A wizard that takes you through a step-by-step process to create a presentation, prompting you for presentation information as you go.
A feature that corrects common capitalization and spelling errors(such as changing as teh to the ) as you type them.
A Microsoft Excel tool you can use to created filters. See also filter .
A feature that efficiently creates forms using all the available fields and minimal formatting.
Predefined formats that can be applied to a worksheet.
automatic layout behavior
A feature that recognizes when you insert an object onto a slide and changes the layout to fit the objects on the slide.
A view which displays the first three lines of each message in your Inbox, making it easy to scan for your most important messages.
This feature in Word identifies the main points in a documentand sets them apart for quick reference.
A feature similar to AutoCorrect that makes corrections as you tell it to, rather than automatically.
A common element in a chart. The x-axis (usually horizontal) plots the categories, and the y-axis (usually vertical) plots the values.

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