Global Address List
An address book, provided by Microsoft Exchange Server, that contains all user and distribution list e-mail addresses in your organization. The Exchange administrator creates and maintains this address book.
A picture or a drawing object.
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
A file format for saving pictures that displays well over the Web.
A black and white image that displays shades of gray.
Lines that appear in a chart to make it easier to view the data.
One of four elements ”the other three being object, permission, and user ” on which the Access user-level security model is based.
An action that allows a set of elements to be moved, sized , or otherwise changed as a single unit. See also ungrouping .
grouping level
The level by which records are grouped in a report. For example, records might be grouped by state (first level), then by city (second level),and then by postal code (third level).
The « and » characters that surround each merge field in a main document.
Handout Master
In PowerPoint, the part of a template that controls the characteristics (background color, text color , font, and font size ) of the handouts in a presentation. To make uniform changes to the handouts, you change the Handout Master.
Hanging Indent marker
In Word, the small lower triangle on the horizontal ruler that controls all lines in a paragraph except the first.
hanging indent
Paragraph formatting adjusted by small triangles on the horizontal ruler where the first line of text is indented less than the subsequent lines.
A region at the top of a page whose text can be applied to all or some of the pages in a document.
header column
The column in a table that contains the title of each row.
header row
The row in a table that contains the title of each column.
hit counter
A feature on a Web site, usually on the home page, that counts the number of visits to the site.
home page
The starting page for a set of Web pages in a Web site. The homepage includes links to other pages and often provides an overview of the entire Web site.
The process or service of storing a Web site on a configured Web serve and serving it to the intended audience.
A defined area on an image map that is hyperlinked to a bookmark, Web page, Web site, or e-mail address.
Pausing the pointer over an object for a second or two to display more information, such as a submenu or ScreenTip.
See Hypertext Markup Language.
HTML format
The default format for Outlook e-mail messages. This format supports text formatting, numbering, bullets, alignment, horizontal lines, pictures (including backgrounds), HTML styles, stationery, signatures, and Web pages.
HTML tag
An HTML command that determines how the tagged information looks and acts.
See Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
The text or graphic that users click to go to a file, a location in a file, an Internet or intranet site, page, location, and so on. Hyperlinks usually appear underlined and in color, but sometimes the only indication is that the pointer changes to a hand.
Hyperlinks view
The FrontPage view that displays the hyperlinks to and from any selected page in the open Web site.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
A tagging system used to code documents so that they can be published on the World Wide Web and viewed with a browser.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
The client/server protocol used to access information on the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
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