Section IV: Important Linux Applications

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Chapter List

Chapter 12: Moving from Adobe Photoshop to GIMP
Chapter 13: Web Browsers, E-Mail, and Internet Applications
Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Linux Applications
Chapter 15: Web Servers in Linux
Chapter 16: Linux FTP Servers
Chapter 17: Fun and Games in Linux

This section will show you how to use several applications. There are a number of common tasks that you may have done in Windows and will probably want to continuing doing in Linux. The chapters in this section will show you the basics of a wide range of Linux applications. The section begins with an entire chapter on GIMP. GIMP is a very powerful graphics tool that will enable you to do professional digital image manipulation. The next chapter in this section shows you around various Internet utilities. You will learn how to use Linux Web browsers, chat clients, e-mail, and more.

Chapter 14 is a sort of smorgasbord. Many of the small applications and utilities that did not seem to fit anywhere else are covered here. Chapters 15 and 16 will show you how to set up your own Web server or FTP server. Finally, Chapter 17 shows you around the world of gamming in Linux. We will look at some of the games that install with Red Hat Linux, and we will discuss where to go on the Internet to find more Linux games.

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