Summary of Chapter 6

  • An application level main menu, and its associated pull-down menus have the major advantage of user familiarity.

  • The MenuComponet hierarchy is a sibling of the Component hierarchy and supplies the facilities to implement menus.

  • Only a Frame instance can contain a MenuBar which means that only independent top-level Windows, and so not Applets, can use a standard pull-down menu interface.

  • Dialogs cannot exist independently of a top level Window and can be posted in a modal or non-modal manner.

  • WindowEvents can be intercepted by a registered WindowListener object and responded to as appropriate.

  • The CardLayout manager allows one of a number of Panels to be shown at any one time, and provides facilities to navigate between them.

  • Menu accelerators allow the menus to be operated from the keyboard without having to navigate the menus with the mouse.

Exercises for Chapter 6

6.10 Menu accelerators

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