Section 32. Add a Search Function

32. Add a Search Function


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Now that you have your page full of content, with applets and information simply oozing from the page, you need a way to let your visitors search the Web from your site. Fortunately, there is an easy to use applets in PageBuilder to do just that.

Add a Yahoo! Search Box to Your Page

Click on the Add-ons icon. In the Categories list, select Instant Info and select Yahoo! Search Box from the Add-ons in the right pane.

Move Your Search Box on Your Page

You will need to move the search applet to a part of your page that doesn't obscure your existing text.

Preview Your Page and Test Your Search Applet

Although there are no options you can set on the Search applet, you can go to the Yahoo! Search page and access all the features of Yahoo! directly from your page.


This search applet will search the entire Internet, not just your website. Many people bookmark their favorite search engine, and you might not be adding a lot of value by including one on your website. Think carefully about all the features you'll add to your website. Websites that use too many of the effects and add-ons in this chapter can appear cluttered and tacky. Web design is a lot like good writing: Less is more.

32. Add a Search Function

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