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MarkAny's goal is to create a secure and safe digital environment that allows new ideas and technologies to be shared without worries about losing creditability and copyrights.

Document Safer

Document Safer grants authority to read, print, transfer, edit, upload, and download according to each user's security level and responsibility. The activity of each user is recorded on the server and processed to statistics.

Multimedia Contents Safer

Content Safer is watermarking technology and DRM that protects copyright as well as illegal copy and distribution of digital contents. Content Safer ensures safe transactions with the application of a secure billing system, and it reports the transaction statement of contents as it supports optimal marketing.

MarkAny Web Safer

MarkAny Web Safer prevents all the copy functions of the contents on the Web site.

MarkAny DRM

MarkAny Light-Right DRM is used for multimedia content copyright protection and incorporates a billing system to guarantee safe distribution. MarkAny Light-Right DRM solution manages Key Management Server by itself so it is able to manage the whole process from creation, distribution, and extermination of all kinds of content.

MAIM 2.0: MarkAny Image Watermarking

MAIM protects copyright information of image providers by embedding copyright information invisibly into the image. MAIM allows image providers to distribute images without any legal violations.

MAO 2.0: MarkAny Audio Watermarking

MAO is a copyright protection product that embeds copyright information into an audio file. The copyright information is inaudible and allows people to distribute their audio works while protecting against illegal copying.

MarkAny Video Watermarking: Esignia-Video 1.5

Esignia-Video (MAVI 2.0) protects copyright of video contents by embedding watermark into the contents. The watermark is invisible and can be quickly embedded and extracted. Esignia-Video allows you to distribute your video contents on the Internet without worrying about illegal copy and distribution.

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Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
ISBN: 0849324335
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