Part 5. Illustrating Your Slides

PowerPoint presentations are very visual by nature, and you can enhance your message by including different types of illustrations on your slides. For example, you can add one of thousands of clip-art images to a slide. PowerPoint and Microsoft Office ship with a clip-art collection that includes a variety of illustration categories and styles.

You can also add illustrations created in other programs. For example, if you have a company logo created in Illustrator, you can import the file and place it on a PowerPoint slide.

In addition to adding images to presentations, you can use PowerPoint's drawing tools to draw your own shapes and turn text into graphics. The Drawing toolbar offers tools for tweaking illustrations by adding lines, fill colors, shadows, borders, and more.

All illustrations are considered slide objects in PowerPoint. Slide objects can be moved and resized to enhance your presentation message.

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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