Setting the Interface Options


The Interface tab allows the user to control some of the ways that Project provides assistance on how to use its features. The schedule indicators it controls provide further control over the "work formula" covered earlier in this chapter in the "Work Formula" FYI. These indicators appear as Office Smart Tags when a user edits a field that causes Project to recalculate the work formula. They allow for the user to change the way the formula is recalculated, regardless of the type of task in question. This is an extremely important option for new users because it can ease the frustration many new users feel when Project changes data based on the work formula.

This page also controls whether the Project Guide is displayed and where the Guide gets its data. The Project Guide is a guided help tool that gives users step-by-step instructions for performing certain common tasks .

Set Interface Options

graphics/one_icon.jpg Use these options to tell Project when to display the Smart Tag indicators.

graphics/two_icon.jpg This option defines whether Project should display the Project Guide.

graphics/three_icon.jpg You can customize the Project Guide to contain specialized content specific to your organization or needs. These controls tell Project where to look for Guide content.


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