Setting the Security Options


The most important options covered by the Security tab are the Macro Security settings. These settings control how strictly Project monitors the use of VBA macros on your system. This is a concern because it is technically possible to write VBA macros in Project that can cause serious harm to a user's system (viruses). This tab also contains an option that allows you to remove any user information from the file properties when saving.

Set Security Options

graphics/one_icon.jpg Selecting this option removes the contents of the Author, Manager, Company, and Last Saved By properties from the file whenever it is saved.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click this button to open the Macro Security dialog.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Pick the option that suits your security needs.


For Your Information

Macro Security Settings

For users who might be using VBA macros created by co-workers , the Medium option is likely the best choice because the default of High disables any macros that were not digitally signed and then marked as trusted by the user. Medium allows the user to pass judgment on each macro that attempts to run, so it still provides a layer of defense against "bad code."

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