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backups of NetInfo database  
bash shell   2nd  
       # prompt for root user  
       $ user prompt  
       DISPLAY variable, enabling X11 forwarding  
       escape sequences used with  
basic arithmetic operations (vBasicOps library)  
basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS)  
BBEdit, forcing file to be opened with  
beeps (system alert), for X11  
Berkeley-compatible command-line interface  
biendian byte order, PowerPC  
big- or little-endian order for bytes  
bill of materials (.bom) file
       describing package contents  
       listing contents of  
       installation, mixing with source  
       installing via dselect  
binary formats
BIND DNS server  
binding, prebinding Mach executables  
bison command  
BLAS (basic linear algebra subprograms)  
Blender 3D graphics package  
       installing on Mac OS X  
       OpenGL, use of  
bless tool  
Bluetooth device, sending file to  
Bombich Software, SMD application  
       iTerm support for  
       KDE Konsole terminal emulator  
BootCacheControl, launching  
booting Mac OS X  
       /etc/rc script  
       /etc/rc.boot script  
       BootX loader  
       fsck command, failure of  
       Login Window  
        Open Firmware variables that control behavior of  
       in single-user mode  
       in verbose mode  
bootstrap script, running for Fink installation  
bootstrap services (Mach)
       listing of  
BootX loader   2nd  
Bourne shell   2nd   [See also bash shell; shells ]
BSD operating system  
       flat files   [See flat files]
       initialization of supporting data structures  
       osx2x application  
bsdmake command  
build type  
building software
       gnuplot application  
       Unix-based, on Mac OS X  
               header files  
       X-11 based applications  
BuildStrings tool  
bundles   2nd  
               viewing contents of  
       CPAN, installing  
bunzip2 command  
burning CDs  
bytes, endian order of  
bzcat command  
bzip2 command  
bzip2recover command  

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