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C/C++   [See also Objective-C/C++]
       ANSI C predefined macros  
       AquaTerm adapter for C  
       C compiler with Xcode  
       C declarations in header files  
       C library, gethostent( )  
       C pointers, size of  
       distributing code builds with distcc  
       Mac OS X C compiler  
       PFE precompilation, support for C++  
       preprocessors for  
CA (Certificate Authority)  
       cetificate signed by trusted CA, getting  
       creating untrusted CA  
       BootCache control, launching  
       CacheBasher performance analysis tool  
       flushing cached credentials with sudo lookupd -flushcache  
       invalid credentials, caching by Directory Services  
       kextcache utility  
       longer cacheline size in L1 cache on G5  
       performance monitoring with CHUD tools  
calculator, dc command for  
Carnegie Mellon University, Mach microkernel  
case insensitivity, HFS+ filesystem  
       cc compile driver and  
       tarball filenames  
cat command  
cc command  
       -F option  
       -faltivec flag  
       -framework option  
       -precomp compile driver flag  
       -trigraph option  
       invoked without options  
       languages supported, filename suffixes and -x arguments  
       linking to static library  
cc compiler  
       shared library or bundle, special flags for  
CCLEngine command  
cd command  
               disk image of Mail application  
       mounting ISO-9660 filesystems  
CDSA (Common Data Security Architecture)  
certificates, server  
       creating untrusted CA  
       signed by trusted CA, information about  
       signing your certificate  
       X.509 SSL/TLS certificates  
characters not available on older terminals  
checkgid command  
chflags command  
Chicken of the VNC (Aqua VNC client)  
chkpasswd command  
chmod command   2nd  
chown command, recursively setting home directory ownership  
chsh, chfn, and chpass commands  
CHUD Tools (Computer Hardware Understanding Development)  
class name (Java), browsing Java documentation for  
Classic application, launching  
clear command  
click to position cursor option  
clipboard, Terminal and  
cmp command  
Cocktail application  
Cocoa and Carbon applications
       AquaTerm application (Cocoa)  
       Cocoa toolkit, contents of  
       GUI editor for applications (Interface Builder)  
       including framework header file in source code  
       Mac::Carbon (Perl module)  
       online information for Cocoa programmers  
       programming support by Xcode IDE  
CodeTek, VirtualDesktop shareware  
color output, terminal support for  
colors (X11 look and feel), customizing  
ColorSync profiles  
comm command  
command line   [See also commands; Terminal application]
       Apple command-line tools  
       creating disk images from   2nd  
       downloading files from  
       launching customized Terminal window  
       System V- and Berkeley-compatible interfaces, provided by CUPS  
command prompt  
command-line switches, Terminal customization and  
       create_nidb script  
       information about, man command for  
       locating by keyword, apropos command for  
        open -x11  
       SimG5 and SimG4 tools  
       Unix, on Mac OS X  
comments, preprocessor recognition of  
Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA)  
common ports, access to blocked by ISPs  
Common Unix Printing System   [See CUPS]
comparisons, expr command  
compatibility version number  
compiler flags  
       -funroll- loops  
Compiler Release Notes (Mac OS X)  
Compiler Tools  
compilers   [See also GCC]2nd  
       Just-In-Time (JIT), architectural issues and  
       supported features, determining with GNU autoconf  
compiling source code  
        AltiVec Velocity Engine (Motorola compiler)  
       architectural issues  
               32-bit and 64-bit systems  
               inline assembly code  
               tuning code for G5 architecture  
       commands for compiling an application  
       differences between GCC for Mac OS X and other Unix systems  
       gnumake/make commands  
       MySQL from source  
       Unix applications on Mac OS X  
               helpful files in tarball top-level directory  
               host type  
               Mac OS X GCC compiler flags  
               programming languages supported  
       vecLib framework, using  
       X-11 based applications and libraries  
Comprehensive R Network, distribution of RAqua  
compress tool  
compressed files
       corruption of tar files by older versions of Stuffit Expander  
       download and extraction with Stufflt Expander  
       tools for  
Computer Hardware Understanding Development Tools (CHUD)  
config.guess file  
config.sub file  
       connecting to  
       CPAN shell  
       files for Unix applications and services  
       system, utilities for  
               defaults command  
               scutil   2nd  
Configuration server daemon  
configure scripts  
       autoconf-managed source code from CVS archive  
       Darwin version  
       generating makefiles for X11-based applications  
       host type  
               config.guess and config.sub files  
               macros to detect Mac OS X  
console messages, displaying during startup  
contact information, searching Directory Services for  
Contents/ directory  
context of precompilation  
context switches, latency utility for measuring  
contextual menus
               cycling between open Terminals  
                xterm windows vs.  
contiguous memory accesses  
Control-clicking in an xterm window  
copying and pasting
       to the clipboard, Terminal vs. xterm  
       between X11 and Mac OS X applications  
               controlling with osx2x  
core dumps
       hostconfig file setting  
       from remote Mac OS X clients  
Core Services daemon  
cp command  
CPAN modules, installing  
       configuring CPAN shell  
       dependency problems  
       installBundle::CPAN command  
       Jaguar and  
       selecting preferred CPAN mirrors  
       shell interface to CPAN  
cpan> shell prompt  
cpio tool  
CpMac tool   2nd  
cpp (GNU C preprocessor)  
       -no-cpp-precomp switch  
       -traditional-cpp switch  
       incompatibilities with cpp-precomp  
cpp-precomp   2nd   3rd  
       documentation for  
       incompatibilities with GNU cpp preprocessors  
       PFE mechanism vs.  
       breakdown of usage, top utility  
       performance tool, Reggie SE  
       process usage of, top utility statistics  
CPU architectures, endianness of  
CRAN (Comprehensive R Network)  
crash report generation for applications  
create_nidb script  
cron daemon, starting  
cron jobs  
       anacron and  
       daily, backups of NetInfo database  
       running with MacJanitor  
       TinkerTool System, running with  
crontab -e command  
crontab -l command  
crontab file  
csh shell  
       DISPLAY variable, enabling X11 forwarding  
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  
       hostconfig entry for  
       launched at startup  
       printing from remote systems  
       web site for source code and documentation  
curl utility  
Current symbolic link (shared library)  
curses screen library  
cursor, click to position option  
cut tool  
cvs tool  
CVS, installing Fink from  
cvs-unwrap tool  
cvs-wrap tool  
cvswrappers tool  

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