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       starting at boot time  
       starting with Mach bootstrap services  
daily cron jobs  
        backups of NetInfo database  
       changing time for  
Darwin kernel
       absolute pathname for libraries  
       Apple C compiler, differences from GNU version  
       compiler flags for  
       config.* files, support for Darwin  
       g77 (GNU FORTRAN 77) compiler, source code  
       online resources for information  
       PIC flags and  
       system library (libSystem)  
       utilities for  
       version, in configure script  
DarwinPorts project  
data forks, removing from a file  
data store for NetInfo and LDAP  
Data::Dumper module  
       creating for PostgreSQL  
       MySQL, creating for  
       network configuration (dynamic store)  
database routines (libdbm)  
datasource entry (slapd.conf), editing for OpenLDAP  
dates and times
       daily cron job, changing time for  
       NTP client, starting  
       ntptimeset, for system clock  
dav_module (mod_dav)  
DBD::mysql module  
DBD::Pg module  
DBI module  
dc command  
ddb utility  
Debian Advanced Package Tool (APT)  
       Apple debugger  
       gdb debugger  
       Java debugger  
       Panther tools for  
       reparing disk volumes with Disk Utility  
       a running kernel with ddb  
defaults command  
       examples of use  
DeRez tool  
desktop environments   2nd  
       controlling all X11- and Mac OS X-based desktops  
       Expos , in Mac OS X Panther  
       LaTeX and its frontends   [See LaTeX]
       real estate-saving features of Aqua  
       SSH GUIs for Mac OS X  
       virtual desktop applications for Mac OS X  
       virtual desktops and screens  
               available from Fink  
                websites for download and instructions  
developer tools  
       Apple command-line tools  
       Mac OS X Unix tools  
       performance and debugging  
       Unix, standard  
       X11SDK, for building X11-based applications  
development tools
devfs filesystem, mounting  
devices, virtual device node (vndevice)  
diagnostic utilities  
               memory information  
               process information  
               information displayed by  
dictionary (key/value pairs), displaying for configuration database  
dictionary attacks against password files  
diff/diff3 commands  
digital signal processing (vDSP library)  
Direct CG (AIPI)  
directories   [See also individual directory names ]
       /dev directory  
       /etc directory, contents of  
       manipulating, commands for  
       names, working with  
               tab completion  
       opening in Finder  
       packages in  
       root directory, files and directories in  
       setting up for intended package installation  
Directory Access application  
       Authentication tab  
       caching of invalid credentials after changes to  
       Contact tab  
       directory service plug-ins  
Directory Services  
               Authentication tab, Directory Access  
               BSD flat files as sole authentication source  
               plug-ins supported by Directory Access  
       configuring to run OpenLDAP  
       exporting directories with NFS  
       flat file counterparts  
       groups, managing  
               adding user to a group  
               creating groups with dscl  
               creating groups with niload  
               deleting groups  
               listing all GIDs  
               listing with nidump  
       hostnames and IP addresses, managing  
       NetInfo Manager  
       programming with  
       restoring the database  
       users and passwords, managing  
               adding users  
               creating user with dscl  
               creating user with niload  
               creating user's home directory  
               deleting user with dscl's delete command  
               granting administrative privileges  
               listing users with nidump  
               modifying user with dscl -create  
               list of  
DirectoryService daemon   2nd   3rd  
disk arbitration daemon  
disk images
       attaching/detaching virtual device node  
       creating from command line  
       creating with Disk Utility  
               converting disk image  
               copying files to disk image  
               Internet-enabled disk image  
       dual and single fork  
       installing Fink from  
       packaging applications as  
Disk Utility
       burning disk image to a CD  
       creating a disk image  
               converting disk image  
               copying files to image  
       disk image of Mail folder, making  
       disk images created with  
       packaging and distributing application as disk image  
       Repair Permissions feature  
       repairing problem disk volume  
       controlling Apple partition maps on  
       Macintosh tools for  
diskutil tool  
DISPLAY variable, enabling X11 forwarding in Terminal  
distcc command   2nd  
distributed notifications daemon  
ditto command   2nd  
       with --rsrc flag  
dlcompat library functions   2nd  
       libdlcompat library  
dlfcn.h header file  
       lookup against your IP address  
       MX (Mail Exchange) record  
       Rendezvous multicast client  
DNS server, hostconfig entry for  
       changing location with defaults command  
       minimization of X11 windows to  
       using Terminal and  
Document Type Definition (DTD), PropertyList.dtd  
       building and using precompiled header files  
       Compiler Release Notes, Mac OS X  
       for Xcode[documentation
       Java, generated with javadoc  
       performance and debugging tools  
double-clickable executables  
       dselect frontend  
       installing Fink package with  
drivers for printers
       from Gimp-Print  
       HP Inkjet Project  
dscl utility
       adding users  
       adding users to group with merge command  
       delete command  
       deleting groups  
       groups, creating with  
       modifying user with -create command  
dselect utility  
DTEs   [See desktop environments]
dual fork disk image (.img file extension)  
DVD filesystems, mounting  
DVI files, viewing with ITeXMac  
dyld (dynamic linker)   2nd  
       converting Unix code to use its APIs  
       prebinding and  
dyld( ) function  
dylib actions, translating dlopen( ) function calls to  
dynamic libraries (.dylib files)  
dynamic link editor (Mach-O)  
dynamic linking (libdlcompat library)  
dynamic loader (dyld), prebinding of binary files  
dynamic store (network configuration database)  
dynamic_pager daemon  

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