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acct daemon, starting  
acid command-line tool  
Active Directory plug-in (Directory Access)  
ADC (Apple Developer Connection)
       documentation for Xcode  
       Xcode Tools  
AddModule and LoadModule directives (httpd.conf)  
administrative privileges, granting  
Advanced Package Tool (APT)  
AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol)  
       AFP URLs  
       automated access to AFP shares  
AirPort Base Station, sending traffic to Mac acting as server  
alloc .h header file  
AltiVec Velocity Engine (Motorola)  
Amber command-lline tool  
anacron, setting up  
animation, 3D graphics package  
anonymous server, configuring ProFTPd as  
       C predefined macros  
       escape sequences  
       trigraph preprocessing  
Apache server   2nd  
       hostconfig entry for  
       optional modules  
               perl_module (mod_perl)  
               php4_module (mod_php4)  
               ssl_module (mod_ssl)  
               WebDAV module (dav_module)  
       source code, web site for  
Apache::Registry module  
AppKit framework  
       in Objective-C Hello World example  
_ _APPLE_ _ macro  
_ _APPLE_CC_ _ macro  
Apple C compiler  
Apple debugger  
Apple Developer Connection (ADC)
       documentation for Xcode  
       Xcode Tools  
Apple Events, invoking from Perl  
Apple File Sharing
       launching at startup  
Apple Remote Desktop  
Apple Type Solution server  
       RAqua, using with  
       running from command line  
       Script Editor service  
       support by iTeXMac  
       support by TeXShop editor  
AppleScript Studio  
AppleTalk Filing Protocol   [See AFP]
AppleTalk protocol  
appletviewer tool  
application bundle  
Application menu
       Hide option  
       Show All option  
               connecting to other X Windows Systems  
application-specific framework  
       preprocessor searches for  
       contents of  
       opening with shell open command  
       starting automatically  
       X11-based   [See X11]
apropos command  
APT (Advanced Package Tool)  
apt-get commands  
       interactions with X11  
       native port of LyX (LyX/Mac)  
       open source video viewing applications  
       OSXvnc server, support by  
       real estate-saving features of  
       terminal applications   2nd   [See also Terminal application]
       version of Qt for Mac OS X  
       VNC client  
       VNC viewers  
       X11 full screen and rootless modes  
archive file (.pax) for packages  
archiving files and directories
       file compression and storage  
       jar tool  
       in tar files, using gnutar and gzip  
       in .zip format directly from Finder  
       basic operations (vBasicOps library)  
       expr command  
       libm library  
arrays, contiguous memory accesses for elements  
_ _ASSEMBLER_ _ macro  
       online information about  
audio codec Ogg Vorbis  
audio/video player, MPlayer for Linux/Unix  
       BSD flat files, using  
               relying solely upon  
       Directory Access Authentication tab  
       Linux-PAM, using  
       NetInfo database and  
       PostgreSQL and  
       Windows users logging onto Mac  
       X11, configuring for  
authentication server, starting  
AuthorizationTrampoline command  
autoconf utility  
       detecting sytems that require malloc.h file  
       determining supported compiler features  
autodiskmount command  
automount command  
automount daemon, NFS  
awk tool  

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