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" (quotation marks)
       file or directory names with spaces, escaping  
                path to Classic application  
#, root user prompt for bash shell  
#import preprocessor directive  
#include directive
       AppKit framework, included in example application  
       header file in C source code, including  
       including framework object header  
       vecLib framework, using with  
$, bash shell prompt  
$ TERM , values of (under Terminal and xterm )  
* (asterisk)
       passwords set to  
               quoting or escaping  
-fast compiler flag  
-flat_namespace linker flag  
-fno-common compiler flag  
-funroll- loops compiler flag  
-lcurses routine  
-mtune-970 compiler flag  
-no-cpp-precomp switch  
.app file extension  
.command files  
.deb file extension  
.dmg file extension (single fork disk image)  
.h file extension (header files)  
.img file extension (dual fork disk image)  
. info files, for Fink packages  
.p file extension (precompiled header files)  
.profile file (Terminal)  
.so file extension  
.term files  
       configuring window to execute a command  
.xinitrc script, for X11 customization  
/Applications folder, dragging disk images to  
/Applications/Utilities directory
       Directory Access and  
       NetInfo Manager in  
       Terminal in  
       X11 in  
/dev directory  
/Developer/Tools directory  
/etc directory
       BSD flat files  
       contents of  
/etc/exports file  
/etc/ group file
       /groups directory vs.  
       dumping /groups directory in file format  
       enabling use of with Directory Services  
/etc/hostconfig file   [See hostconfig file]
/etc/ hosts file  
/etc/init.d directory  
/etc/master.passwd file  
/etc/pam.d directory  
/etc/passwd file  
       enabling use of with Directory Services  
/etc/periodic directory  
/etc/rc script  
       launching Mach bootstrap services  
/etc/rc shell script  
/etc/rc.boot script  
/etc/rc.common file  
/etc/rc.local script  
/etc/ shells directory  
/etc/sshd_config file  
/etc/ttys file  
/groups directory  
/Library directory   2nd  
/Library/StartupItems directory  
/machines file  
/sw directory   2nd  
       Fink installations in  
/System/Library directory  
        loginwindow .app  
/System/Library/StartupItems directory  
/System/Library/User Template directory  
/usr/bin directory  
/usr/libexec directory  
/usr/local directory  
/var directory  
/var/db/netinfo directory  
\ (backslash)
       escaping spaces or special characters in file or directory names  
       line continuation escape symbol, removal in preprocessing  
^[ (ASCII ESC character)  
^G (ASCII BEL character), terminating escape sequences  
128-bit integers, arithmetic operations on  
32-bit systems  
3D modeling  
64-bit systems  

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