chkpasswd [-c] [-i   infosystem   ] [-l   location   ] [   username   ] 


Useful for scripts, chkpasswd prompts for a password, which is then compared against the appropriate directory service for the user specified. If the password is correct, chkpasswd returns 0; otherwise , it returns 1 and the string Sorry is printed to standard error.



Compares user input with the password hash directly, rather than running it through the crypt algorithm first.


Specifies the directory service to use, which may be file , netinfo , nis , or opendirectory .


Depending on the directory service being used, it's a file (the default is /etc/master.passwd ), a NetInfo domain or server/tag combo, a NIS domain, or an Open Directory node (like /NetInfo/root ).


Designates whose password will be checked. It defaults to that of the user running the command.



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