Chapter 10. Setting Up Your Mail, RSS, and Newsgroup Accounts Using Mozilla Thunderbird


  • Flying south for the winter? Migrate with Thunderbird.

  • Creating POP and IMAP accounts

  • Optimizing your RSS experience

  • The lowdown on using Global Inbox

  • Making sure you can always find your friends

  • If all else fails, ask the Oracle

Now that we've got Thunderbird up and running, it is time to move to the next stage. Just like your first car, Thunderbird looks really shiny sitting in the garage, but the open road beckons. It's time for a test drive. Get ready: you're about to learn how to set up your mail, RSS, and newsgroup accounts using Thunderbird. This includes showing you how to migrate email settings from other email clients, set up new accounts, and configure your account settings.

You'll also learn how you can manage multiple email accounts using Thunderbird, send and receive messages, use the address book, and configure offline settings.

Because readers may be in different situations regarding their email, this chapter is divided into a few different sections. The experience of setting up Thunderbird will be slightly different depending on whether you have used other mail clients on your machine.

Email is important to all of us, so it is important to read this section to avoid some of the pitfalls you could encounter.

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