Scenario 1: Migrating from Another Mail Client Used on Your Machine

Consult the "Migration" section of this chapter to learn how to set up your account in Thunderbird and bring in your settings from another mail client.

Important Considerations

You should not uninstall any of the clients you are migrating from until you have completed migrating to Thunderbird and have thoroughly tested your new setup. If you do this, you will not be able to bring any of the information and settings into Thunderbird.

The "Migration" section of this chapter is written assuming that Thunderbird has never been installed on the machine you are using. If it has, the Migration Wizard will not run. In order for the Migration wizard to run, Thunderbird must detect that no existing Thunderbird profile is present on the machine (if there is, Thunderbird launches with that profile). Even if you have uninstalled Thunderbird, a Thunderbird profile remains on your system. To resolve this problem, you have to remove or rename the existing Thunderbird profile folder (see Table 9-1 in Chapter 9, "Getting Started with Mozilla Thunderbird," for profile locations). After that is done, the Thunderbird Migration Wizard should launch, and you can begin importing your mail and account settings.

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