Chapter 3. Windows Explorer

Section 3.1.   Hacks #21-32

Hack  21.   Generating Folder and File Listingsfor Printing or Editing

Hack  22.   Control Windows Explorer with Command-Line Shortcuts

Hack  23.   Empower Windows Explorer with PowerDesk

Hack  24.   Better File Rename

Hack  25.   Find Files Faster by Mastering the Indexing Service's Query Language

Hack  26.   Hiding Folders and Files with the Encrypting File System

Hack  27.   Forcing Windows Explorer Into True Usefulness

Hack  28.   Customize Folder Icons and Balloon Text

Hack  29.   A Power User's Hidden Weapon: Improve the Context Menu

Hack  30.   Take Your Work on the Go with Offline Files and the Briefcase

Hack  31.   Get More Hard Disk Space by Using NTFS Compression

Hack  32.   Put a Command-Line Prompt on Your Desktop

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