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Safe Mode, circumventing Windows File Protection  
Sandra (hardware analysis/tuneup program)  
       memory bandwidth test  
saving web pages for offline reading
       in offline database, using SurfSaver  
       with Internet Explorer  
scheduled tasks  
Scot's Newsletter (web site)  
screen resolution (laptop or LCD), improving  
screen savers, choosing and customizing  
       built-in screen capture in XP  
               capturing active screen only  
               capturing entire screen  
               pasting screen captures to graphics program  
       SnagIt capture tool  
Scroll Lock, automatically turning on at startup  
search capabilities (Eudora)  
Search Companion (IE), improving  
search engines, Internet  
       Ask Jeeves toolbar  
       Google searches directly from your desktop  
       Google Toolbar  
               searching current site instead of entire Web  
       metasearch software  
       MSN search engine, replacing for IE  
search results (Indexing Service), ranking  
       closing open ports and blocking protocols  
       dictionary attacks through spam email  
       email- borne worms and viruses  
               ICF (Internet Connection Firewall)  
       hidden fields in Word  
       IE security settings, changing with Group Policy Editor  
       Internet connections, vulnerability to intrusion  
       logging on residential gateways  
       protecting your PC with proxy servers  
               configuring IE to use proxy  
               finding free, public proxies  
               limiting connections to certain web sites  
       testing your PC for online vulnerabilities  
Security Identifiers (SIDs)  
security zones for IE, customizing  
Send To option (Explorer context menu), customizing  
server message block (SMB) communications, ICF and  
       DNS   [See DNS]
       mail, troubleshooting problems with  
       mapping hostname to dynamic IP address for constant availability  
       proxy   [See proxy servers]
Service Packs, blocking opening of email file attachments  
Services Computer Management Console  
Services Microsoft Management Console  
services, disabling at startup  
       listing of services to turn off  
session cookies, accepting in IE  
Setup Information file, editing for Windows component removal  
shadowing (XP GUI), controlling  
Shareaza (file sharing program)  
sharing, disabling for TCP/IP   2nd  
Shell subkey (Registry)  
Shields Up program, testing your PC for online security  
shortcut menus   [See also context menus ]
       Windows Explorer, customizing for  
               adding global menu items to all file types  
               adding menu items to specific file types  
               All Programs menu  
               file association actions, editing  
Shortcut Properties dialog box  
shortcuts   [See also command line; keyboard shortcuts]
       for shutdown and reboot   2nd   [See also shutdown; startup]
               automatically turning on Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock  
shutdown   [See also startup]
       closing programs automatically  
       disabling with Registry hack  
       one-click shortcuts  
       process closing time, increasing  
       speeding up  
                halting startup programs and services  
shutdown command, switches for  
signal strength for wireless networks, improving  
signatures (Outlook), backup files for  
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service for sending email  
skins ( user interface)  
       creating for WindowBlinds  
       downloading from the Internet  
       Trillian (instant messaging program)  
SkinStudio program  
skipping problems in music CDs   [See multimedia]
SMB (server message blocK) communications, ICF and  
SnagIt screen-capture tool
       graphics format, customizing  
       menu options for screen captures  
       previewing screenshots  
software publishers, designating as trustworthy  
sounds (system)
       beeps, turning off  
       choosing for theme  
       blocking with software  
               MailWasher program  
       fighting with peer-to-peer technology  
               add-in spam killer for Outlook (SpamNet)  
       handling in Outlook Express  
       handling in Outlook with filters  
       mail header information, viewing in Outlook/Outlook Express  
       preventing dictionary attacks by turning off HTML display in emails  
       stopping before it starts  
               HTML characters , using for your address  
               registrations at web sites, examining fine print  
               spelling out your email address fully  
               using inline JavaScript to generate address at page load time  
SpeedBit, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) program  
spell check (URLSpellCheck for IIS)  
splash screen, changing for startup  
       building startup screen from graphics  
       choosing from multiple screens  
Spychecker web page  
spyware   2nd  
       blocking with firewalls  
       detector and eradicator program  
       file sharing without  
       inserted into Word fields  
SSID (network name )  
standby power-management operations, NetBEUI protocol and  
Stardock, WindowBlinds utility  
Start Menu
       adjusting speed for performance  
       All Programs menu, modifying with Explorer  
       Classic Start menu  
       customizing with XP Professional Group Policy Editor  
       user account graphic, changing  
       boot screen, changing  
               building startup screen from graphics  
               choosing from multiple screens  
       boot.ini file, editing  
       creating multiple profiles with Advanced Startup Manager  
       error message display, disabling  
       halting unnecessary programs and services  
               eliminating programs  
               services, disabling  
               System Configuration, using  
       multiboot options, boot.ini file switches  
       single operating system, customizing  
       speeding up with boot defragment  
       speeding up with BootVis utility, using  
       user logins, controlling with Registry  
Startup folder, cleaning out  
stationery (Outlook), backup files for  
statistics (usage), in Eudora  
Stay Invisible web site (free, public proxy servers)  
Steganos Internet Anonym 5 software  
storage of backups  
streaming music, saving to your PC  
       capturing in MP3 format  
string array values (Registry)   2nd  
string values (Registry)   2nd  
       examples in subkey section listing  
Style-XP program  
subdomain (provided by  
subkeys, Registry  
       full section of (example)  
Sun JVMs
       checking for  
       uninstalling older  
Super MP3 Recorder program  
surfing the Web anonymously  
       software for  
       Web-based anonymizer  
SurfSaver program  
switches (boot.ini file)  
       files between two computers  
       offline files   2nd  
               on-demand and scheduled  
       Outlook files between laptop and PC  
       web pages saved to hard disk  
       whiteboard sessions  
sysoc.inf file, entries for "uninstallable" programs  
system applets, categorizing  
system beeps, turning off  
System Configuration Utility, disabling startup programs  
system files
       compressing, effects on performance  
       Windows File Protection  
system folders, GUIDs for  
system objects, changing  
       desktop icons   2nd  
       text and balloon tips, using the Registry  
system organization to aid backups  
system performance  
       checking and tweaking  
               memory bandwidth test  
       RAM, making the most of  
               better memory use with Task Manager  
               general advice for  
       Registry hacks to speed up XP  
               disabling 8.3 name creation in NTFS  
               menu speed  
               place kernel into RAM  
               prefetch parameters, altering  
       repair and recovery with Recovery Console  
               commands for examining the system  
               fixing MBR, boot sector, or boot menu  
               fixing Windows  
               floppy copy and access to all drives and folders  
               starting Recovery Console  
       tracking with Performance Console  
               logs, setting up  
               performance alerts  
               viewing performance logs  
       Windows XP visual effects and  
System Restore point  
       backing up the Registry  
       creating before removal of XP components  
system sounds, choosing for theme  
System Tray   [See Notification Area]

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