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Task Manager
       better memory use with  
               identifying memory-hogging applications with Process Tab  
               Performance tab memory reporting, summary of  
       customizing with XP Professional Group Policy Editor  
       cutomizing with TweakUI  
       hiding icons in Notification Area  
       closing down TCP ports  
       closing ports and blocking protocols  
       common TCP Internet ports  
       DHCP-assigned IP addresses  
       NetBEUI protocol, using with  
               disabling TCP/IP sharing  
       null Ethernet connection settings  
       repairing broken connections  
               resetting TCP/IP stack to original configuration  
       troubleshooting problems with ping  
       troubleshooting with ipconfig  
TechSmith, SnagIt screen capture tool  
       firewalls and  
       security risks of open port  
templates (Outlook), backup files for  
       balloon tips for folders, customizing  
       balloon tips for system objects, changing  
       cleaning up in clips with ClipCache Plus  
       sharing with whiteboard   [See whiteboard]
text editors, editing .reg files  
themes (XP)  
       applying new  
       copyright laws and  
       creating your own  
       online sources for  
third-party cookies  
       customizing IE handling of  
       managers for  
thumbnails ( Windows Explorer), decreasing image quality  
Time To Live (TTL), reported by ping  
times and dates   [See dates and times]
       customizing appearance of  
       Google and Ask Jeeves, for Internet searches  
       Outlook settings, backup files for  
       VDM, configuration menu  
Tools menu (Windows Explorer), removing items from  
       useful switches  
TradeKeys utility  
Trans-XP program  
       Trillian messaging program, use of  
       XP windows  
Trillian (instant messaging program)  
       privacy options, customizing  
       Pro version  
       skins, choosing for  
Trojan horses
       blocking with ZoneAlarm firewall  
       ports used by  
troubleshooting network connections  
       netsh tool  
       pathping command  
       TCP/IP problems, with ping  
       tracing network and internal data path with tracert  
troubleshooting services, bypassing ICF firewall  
trustworthy credential agencies and software publishers  
TTL (Time to Live), reported by ping  
Tweak-XP program  
TweakMP, Media Player (Version 9), using with  
TweakUI utility  
       controlling animated effects, fades, and shadowing  
       creating customized XP interfaces  
       customizing Taskbar  
       customizing XP interface  
               exact XP version and build, showing on desktop  
               hiding undeletable desktop icons  
               Windows Explorer  
       Most Frequently Used Programs List, banning programs from  

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