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Sablotron XSLT processor  
sanctioned AFS (Apache Software Foundation) project  
SAX (Simple API for XML) Filters  
Sendmail module, interface to  
Sergeant, Matt, conceived by  
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)  
site-processing diagram (XML to HTML and RSS)  
skinning site content with named styles  
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)  
style definitions
       directive inheritance   2nd  
       how applied and overridden  
       in child directories prepended, not appended  
       order applied  
       processing order, examining  
style processors
       configuration cheetsheet  
               conditional directives against original XML source  
               groups of conditional processing directives  
               named style or media blocks processed last  
               prepending style processers going down hierarchy  
               same lexical level evaluation order   2nd  
       definitions inherited recursively down directories  
       named processors always last rule  
       runtime styling directives  
       source document or configuration directive driven  
StyleChooser modules   2nd  
       alternate styles and  
       custom   2nd  
       named blocks processed last  
       selecting between styles  
       style overlap and  
StyleMap( )  
StyleProviderClass( )  
       alternate processing instructions  
       basic configuration options  
       configuration directive or xml-stylesheet processing instruction  
       definitions added after language processor setup  
       definitions in all cases or conditionally  
       handling overlap  
       logical group combinations  
       named styles, reasons for using   2nd  
       persistant processing instructions  
       preferred processing instructions  
       transformations, dynamically choosing  
       xml-stylesheet processing instructions, media attribute  
       associating documents with  
       associating language processor with  
       client-side transformations with  
       creating XML-based web site samples  
       define style processor mappings  
       NULL as stylesheet path in XSP  
       paths, resolving relative or qualified  
       preprocessed transformations with  
       processing instructions from original XML document only  
       RSS   [See RSS]
       server-side transformations with  
       templates   [See templates, stylesheets]
       transformation chains-;based HTTP cookie  
       transformation rules  
       transforming XML content with  
       xml-stylesheet processing instructions  
       XPathScript   [See XPathScript]
       XSLT   [See XSLT]
Swish-e site search/indexing tool, interface to  
syndicating content  


XML Publishing with AxKit
XML Publishing with Axkit
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