Chapter 9 -- Arranging Text in Columns and Lists

Chapter 9

This chapter presents a diverse collection of techniques that allow you to arrange, sort, group, and emphasize paragraphs of text in your documents. You'll learn how to arrange text in rows and columns using simple tab characters or sophisticated Microsoft Word tables. You'll learn how to arrange text in snaking newspaper-style columns. You'll learn how to create various kinds of lists, and how to sort the contents of lists as well as of Word tables. Finally, you'll learn how to arrange or emphasize paragraphs of text by adding borders and background shading, and how to separate different parts of your document using horizontal dividing lines.

Many of the features described in this chapter—tabs, bulleted and numbered lists, borders, and shading—are types of paragraph formatting. This chapter thus extends the discussion on basic paragraph formatting that was the focus of Chapter 7, "Formatting a Word Document"

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