Troubleshooting the Cisco IPC Express GUI


This chapter covered some of the initial system setup problems you may encounter, such as the registration of IP phones with Cisco CME and GUI connectivity operation.

You learned various ways of identifying phone registration problems and the configuration changes to solve them. The phone display is one of the key tools used to isolate problems with phone registration and operation. The areas of VLAN, DHCP, and TFTP configurations were examined. You saw how these settings may affect phone registration issues.

Basic call flow debugging was covered. You learned how to trace a call setup from off-hook to dialing, and media establishment to call disconnect. You can use this knowledge if you have to troubleshoot a call setup or establishment problem.

This chapter also discussed the basic techniques of troubleshooting GUI issues when administering Cisco IPC Express. It showed the steps required to narrow down the problem and then use the available commands on Cisco CME and Cisco UE, such as debug and trace, to obtain more detailed information to determine the problem. This chapter covered the basic setup options for ensuring that the GUI works properly and the browser settings are correct.

The following chapters look at more advanced troubleshooting topics for particular applications, call flow, and network connectivity aspects of Cisco IPC Express systems.

Troubleshooting Advanced Cisco CME Features

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