TCL-Based Automated Attendant


In this chapter, you learned ways to provide an AA for a Cisco CME system. You have two options: using the AA that is a component of Cisco UE or using a TCL-based AA.

At the start of this chapter, you looked at general considerations when deploying an AA feature or using a receptionist for your business. You explored how to use both functions to offer personalized service to your clients and accessibility after hours or when the office is closed.

You learned about the Cisco UE AAhow to set it up, how to customize the scripts to suit your business needs, and how to work with the Cisco UE AA Editor. The end of the chapter provided information on the Cisco CME TCL AA. Trade-offs between using the Cisco UE AA and TCL AA were discussed.

Although Cisco UE is not the only means of offering AA with a Cisco CME system, it is by far the most integrated and comprehensive solution.

Cisco IPC Express Integrated Voice Mail

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