Troubleshooting Cisco UE Automated Attendant

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Troubleshooting problems that may occur with a customized automated attendant (AA)
  • Tracing a call flow through AA from call arrival at the AA pilot number to the call's transfer to the destination extension

This chapter discusses how to troubleshoot operational and runtime issues with developing and deploying the Cisco Unity Express (UE) customized automated attendant (AA) application.

Chapter 3, "Cisco IPC Express Architecture Overview," provides an overview of the Cisco UE AA and voice mail system components and architecture. As such, it is a good foundation for the topics discussed in this chapter. A key software component of Cisco UE is the Customer Response Solutions (CRS) software. CRS is the infrastructure leveraged by all other Cisco UE applications, including the AA. CRS is also the component used to implement the customized AA applications.

Troubleshooting a Customized AA

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