Troubleshooting Cisco CME Network Integration

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Integrating Cisco CallManager Express (CME) with Cisco Unity voice mail
  • Using a centralized Cisco Unity system with a network of Cisco CMEs
  • Troubleshooting call transfers and call forwards
  • Troubleshooting transcoding
  • Troubleshooting H.323 GK integration

In the preceding chapters, you learned about the Cisco CallManager Express (CME) architecture, as well as how to implement and troubleshoot its different features.

This chapter discusses advanced troubleshooting topics in which Cisco CME is networked with other systems, such as other Cisco CMEs at multiple sites in your network and with a Cisco Unity system for voice mail. This chapter also discusses troubleshooting supplementary services, such as call transfer and call forward and integrating Cisco CME with an H.323 gatekeeper (GK).

Integrating Cisco CME with Cisco Unity Voice Mail

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