Voice Mail Deployment Considerations


This chapter discussed the voice mail capabilities provided by the Cisco UE aspect of the Cisco IPC Express solution. The operation of the voice mail features was discussed from a subscriber, caller, and administrator point of view. System-level features such as storage options, as well as typical voice mail activities, such as sending and addressing messages, were also covered.

This chapter explained how to configure Name fields in Cisco CME and Cisco UE to tailor the phone displays, dial-by-name options, and directories in your office. The configuration and operation of voice mail networking between sites was discussed to help you network your sites into a cohesive business.

You should now have a good understanding of the features Cisco UE provides and how to tailor the system to your needs for call flows, name displays, and the general operation of your office. The internals of the application and how to troubleshoot potential problems are covered later in this book.

Cisco CME External Voice Mail Options

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