Sample System Configurations


This chapter walked you step-by-step through a sample setup of a two-site network. The system at Site A was configured from the start to a fully operational system. Additionally, a number of key Cisco CME call processing and phone features were configured on Site A. Site B's configuration was not explored in such great detail. It was used primarily to illustrate the configuration necessary to connect two sites and route calls between them. For the most part, Site B's configuration mirrors that of Site A but is less sophisticated in Cisco CME features containing just the basics to get the system operational.

After working through this chapter, you should be able to configure your own system, and customize it to your or your customer's needs. The content in this chapter solidifies all the feature and management explanations contained in the chapters in Part III. Part IV, starting with the next chapter, is dedicated to troubleshooting and maintaining a Cisco IPC Express system.

IV Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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