Configuring PSTN Interfaces

You cannot configure the PSTN trunks of your Cisco CME system in the GUI. This requires CLI configuration on the router. The types of trunks and interfaces you can add to the system to connect to the PSTN or fax machines in your office were covered in Chapter 6, "Cisco CME PSTN Connectivity Options." Numerous configuration examples were also given in Chapter 6.

Adding PSTN connectivity involves the following configuration:

  • The voice interface that connects to your PSTN trunks, analog phones, or fax machines
  • The dial plan that directs calls to these interfaces

You might review the examples in Chapter 6 for more details on configuring a Foreign Exchange Office (FXO), Foreign Exchange Station (FXS), T1 Channel Associated Signaling (CAS), and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunks and the dial plans to direct calls to these ports and trunks.

Configuring Extensions and the Dial Plan

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