Section A.1. Array Handling

A 1 Array Handling

Array Function

Creates and returns an array from a comma-delimited list of values

Dim Statement

Declares a fixed or dynamic array

Erase Statement

Clears the contents of an array

Filter Function

Returns an array of strings matching (or not) a specified value

IsArray Function

Indicates whether a variable is an array

Join Function

Returns a string constructed by concatenating an array of values with a given separator

LBound Function

Returns the lower bound of an array, which is always 0 in VBScript

Preserve Statement

Used with the ReDim statement to copy a dynamic array to a resized dynamic array

ReDim Statement

Declares or redimensions a dynamic array

Split Function

Returns an array of values derived from a single string and a specified separator

UBound Function

Returns the upper bound of an array

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