Appendix A. Language Elements by Category

This appendix lists all the functions and statements, available within the VBScript language by category. The categories are:

  • Section A.1
  • Section A.2
  • Section A.3
  • Section A.4
  • Section A.5
  • Section A.6
  • Section A.7
  • Section A.8
  • Section A.9
  • Section A.10
  • Section A.11
  • Section A.12
  • Section A.13
  • Section A.14
  • Section A.15
  • Section A.16
  • Section A.17

Where necessary, individual language elements may appear in more than one category. Note that neither constants nor operators are listed here; the former are listed in Appendix B, while the latter appear in Appendix C.

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