The ) to close the script.

8.1.1 end tag should immediate follow the

The file designated by the SRC attribute should be purely a script file containing source code in the designated scripting language; that is, it should contain no embedded HTML tags, not even the

As you can see from Example 8-1, the VBScript Sub...End Sub construct is not required, since the event and object have been specified in the as you want. You may choose to bundle all your procedures together into one large

Example 8-3. Using a single

Example 8-4. Using multiple Various HTML coding etc. various html coding, etc.

8.1.3 Using with

Otherwise, the tags. The HTML comment tags are ignored by the script engine, so that it "sees" only the actual code. However, any additional comment tags, or any comment tags in any other position within the tags, are interpreted as script, and generate a syntax error. This means that if you need to add comments to your code, don't use the HTML comment tags; use either REM or a single quotation mark (') at the start of the line.

8 2 What Can You Do with Client Side Scripting?

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