Restoring the Default Configuration

Suppose you play around with the toolbars for a few hours and decide the original way was the best after all. Now, how did that look again? And how long will it take to get back there? Luckily, Firefox offers one-click access to restore the default configuration at any time.


The restoration process really is as easy as a single click. There's no confirmation window and no Undo button, so make sure you want to revert to the original configuration before proceeding. You will lose all the changes you have made to your toolbars — both built-in toolbars and extension toolbars such as Google Toolbar — and any toolbars you created will be deleted.

  1. Click the Restore Default Set button to revert to the original Firefox toolbars immediately.

    There is no confirmation process and no way to undo this action.

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Quicker clicking just for you

Not all of our decisions had such highly visible ramifications as the Location Bar debate I describe in the "What's the best toolbar design?" sidebar in this chapter. In fact, another one revolved around a single pixel! Think about that Back button again. Suppose it takes you 1 second to navigate to and click it, and you do that 60 times a day. That's a minute a day, or 365 minutes — over 6 hours — per year! Isn't there some way we could speed that up just a little bit and save you some time?

Yup. Think about when you click the X button in the top-right corner of the window. Not very strenuous, is it? That's because you don't need to spend any time at all locating the button. Because it's located in the rightmost and uppermost part of the screen, all you have to do is jam your mouse into the corner as far as it will go and click. If the button were shifted just one pixel down or left, you would have to spend an additional half-second every time ensuring that the cursor is in the right place before clicking.

The same is true of the Back button. Although we can't put it in a screen corner, we can ensure that it's aligned properly with the left edge of the screen so you only have to find the button vertically. The Firefox toolbar used to have a thin border that prevented the toolbar from butting up against the screen edge, and we removed it for exactly this reason.

You can rest assured that every aspect of Firefox has received this kind of careful scrutiny. We're worried about you down to the pixel.

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