WINNT32 (2000 and XP only)

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Performs an installation of or upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP. WINNT32 is not in the usual command path. It is available when the current folder is an installation source such as a Windows 2000 or XP CD.


Insert the 2000 or XP installation disk or connect to another installation source. Close the installation program after it opens. Open a command prompt and navigate to the installation folder, which will probably be I386. Type WINNT32 followed by any desired switches.


/checkupgradeonly: Checks your current version of Windows to determine if it's eligible to be upgraded to the new version, and checks your hardware to make sure its compatible with the new version. If you use this option with /unattend, you will not be prompted for any input. If you don't use /unattend, the output is displayed, and you are prompted to save it in a file. The default filename is Upgrade.txt, and its default location is in the System32 folder, usually C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\System32.

/cmdcons: Use this switch on a system that already has Windows 2000 or XP installed to install the Recovery Console as a startup option. For more information on the Recovery Console, see Chapter 11 and the last section in this appendix.

/unattend: Upgrades existing 98, Me, 2000, or XP in a mode that requires no user input. All information that is normally requested during setup is taken from the existing installation.


  • There are a great many other switches for WINNT32 that are beyond the scope of this book. They are of use primarily to network administrators and others responsible for installing Windows on many machines simultaneously.

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