Why Database Tools Are Important

In the old days, the responsibility of database administrators (DBAs) was to make sure every byte of data was stored safely, and data was always available for quick delivery to business applications. Today, database system professionals have a much more complex job. Not only are they the gatekeepers of the system, but they are also responsible for a variety of complex tasks, such as

  • Installation and upgrade

  • Configuration

  • Administration

  • Querying and reporting data

  • Business intelligence

  • Management

  • Development

  • Deployment

  • Monitoring

  • Tuning and optimization

  • Maintenance

Database professionals must be efficient with the tools to support these complex tasks. When they are faced with a business requirement, they need to identify database tasks quickly and choose the right tool to perform these tasks. These database tasks are no longer limited to just the relational database. SQL Server now has a family of products that database professionals must support and maintain to meet business requirements.

Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
ISBN: 0321397967
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 149

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