Introducing the SQL Server 2005 Family of Products

Today's applications demand more than just the database relational engine. They require analytical, intelligence, reporting, and delivery features beyond those available in the database engine. Microsoft has included a number of products in SQL Server 2005, which collectively provide a complete data processing platform. These products are

  • Database Engine

  • Analysis Services

  • Reporting Services

  • Integration Services

  • Notification Services

  • SQL Server Everywhere Edition (also known as SQL Server Mobile Edition)

Database Engine

SQL Server 2005 Database Engine is the core component for storing and processing data. Database Engine enforces data integrity and transaction processing to ensure consistency and recoverability of data. Database Engine provides concurrency so that data can be simultaneously viewed by multiple users and applications. Database Engine also provides a security model so that stored data can be viewed and manipulated by privileged users.

Analysis Services

SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services uses the data stored in Database Engine or other data sources to provide a platform for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining. Through its new development and management environments, it delivers a platform for designing, creating, deploying, and managing business intelligence applications. The Data Mining component of Analysis Services gives you access to the information needed to make intelligent decisions about business problems.

Reporting Services

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services provides a set of tools and services to create, publish, and manage reports based on data stored in Database Engine, Analysis Services, or other data sources. Reporting Services provides tools for creating, developing, and managing subscription and delivery of reports, as well as viewing reports through a URL in a Web browser.

Notification Services

SQL Server 2005 Notification Services provides a programming platform for creating applications that generate and deliver notifications. Notifications could be based on the occurrence of an event or based on a schedule defined by you or the subscriber. Notifications are based on the "push" model. The application enables your enterprise, customers, and partners to specify what information is of interest to them, and then automatically notifies them when something of interest occurs. In addition, the application can deliver notifications to other services or applications to automate business processes.

Integration Services

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services is a platform for building integration solutions to extract, transfer, and load data between data sources. Integration Services provides a rich set of built-in tasks, containers, transformations, and data adapters that support

  • Merging data from heterogeneous data sources

  • Populating data warehouses and data marts

  • Cleansing and standardizing data

  • Building business intelligence into a data transformation process

  • Automating administrative functions and data loading

For those of you who are familiar with earlier versions SQL Server, Integration Services is a replacement for Data Transformation Services (DTS).

SQL Server Everywhere Edition

SQL Server Everywhere Edition is a compact relational database with a small footprint that can be embedded in mobile and desktop applications. SQL Server Everywhere Edition is supported on desktop and mobile devices, which makes it a strong platform for building occasionally connected applications. SQL Server Everywhere Edition provides replication and synchronization functionality with SQL Server Database Engine to support scenarios where you need to take bits and pieces of enterprise data and integrate them into a mobile application.

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