Calling Up the Startup Dialog Box

You can instruct GroupWise to display the GroupWise Startup screen every time it launches by simply adding a few characters to the GroupWise startup properties. Startup properties are parameters stored along with the GroupWise icon (depending on the version of Windows you are using) that tell GroupWise what to do when it launches. Often, it is necessary to bring up the Startup screen when multiple users run GroupWise from the same computer.

To bring up the GroupWise Startup screen upon launching, follow these steps:


Right-click the GroupWise icon and select Properties from the menu.


Click the Shortcut tab.


Place the cursor in the Target field and go to the end of the command line.


Add a space, followed by /@u-?, after the GRPWISE.EXE command. Be sure to include a space between the command line and the / character. Figure B.2 shows the Properties screen with an example of the correct parameter syntax.

Figure B.2. Use this syntax to force GroupWise to launch with the Startup screen displayed.


Click OK. The next time you double-click the GroupWise icon, you will see the GroupWise Startup screen.

If you want to create multiple GroupWise icons, one for each person who uses the computer, follow the same steps listed previously, but substitute each user's GroupWise ID in place of the question mark in step 4. This permits several users to run GroupWise from a single machine; however, all users will share the same GroupWise default settings, such as default view.


All users who run GroupWise from a shared computer should set passwords on their GroupWise mailboxes. This prevents the users from accessing each other's mailboxes. Passwords are also required for other access modes such as WebAccess and remote modes.

To allow multiple users on the same machine to have different default settings in GroupWise, you must enable multiple user logins for Windows by creating multiple user profiles. Refer to your Windows documentation for instructions.

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