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-o loop argument, using with mkisofs program, 318-319

office productivity component of Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, purpose of, 297-299

Ogg Vorbis digital audio format, using with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 319-320

ogg123 program, using with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 320-321

OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) usage with USB controllers, 309-310

open source

benefits of, 18, 20

definition of, 15

dynamics of, 18-21

versus free software, 17-18, 22

licensing, 21-25

versus public domain, 21

OpenBSD project, focus of, 195

OpenGL, role in usage of 3D graphics cards, 315


role in Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 298

using with Red Hat development workstation case study, 348-350


advisory about configurations in binary packages, 202

choosing installation path for, 197

configuration summary, 204

configuring, 198-204

configuring for Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 324-325

configuring ssh client for, 199-202

configuring sshd servers for, 203

disabling strict host key checking with, 201-202

dynamics of, 195-196

enabling SSH agent forwarding for, 200-201

enabling X Window connection forwarding with, 203

flavors of, 195

installing, 196-198

installing from source code, 198

installing on Debian GNU/Linux distribution, 207

installing on Red Hat Linux, 204-206

installing on Slackware Linux, 206-207

public and private key options for, 198

selecting configuration options for, 197-198

setting compile-time options for, 196

upgrading, 199

using with firewalls, 386

OpenSSL, role in OpenSSH, 195

Opera web browser web site, 302

operating systems

components of, 5-8

Linux as, 8

/opt/apache directory

examining, 241-242

installing Apache into, 236-237

/opt directory

installing software into, 179

Red Hat comments about, 70

usage by Slackware Linux, 111-112

versus /usr/local directory, 179

/opt/java directory, contents of, 279

/opt/java/packages directory, purpose of, 280-281

option: value format in Dante SOCKS library, advisory about, 228

optional item in PAM control element, explanation of, 214

optional packages system, JVM support for, 345

<options> item in RPM query command, explanation of, 60-61

Orion J2EE application server, description of, 353

OSI (Open Source Initiative), purpose of, 22

other PAM service, advisory about, 218

OUTPUT chain, role in establishing policies for firewalls, 384

ownership and permissions, managing in Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 346

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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