Using the Bandwidth Profiler

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The Bandwidth Profiler is a powerful toolespecially when you need your movie to play as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, your game might contain chunks of information that are too much to handle on your user 's computeryou do not want this. This would then be a case when you would use the Bandwidth Profiler to smooth the streaming of your movie. The Profiler allows you to monitor download speeds and congestion through the movie. It even neatly charts where the bulk of the data lies within the file. Take a look at Figure 14.3, which shows you a sample screen when using the Profiler.

Figure 14.3. Using the Bandwidth Profiler


You can access the Profiler through the View menu when testing your movie. You can also press Ctrl+B or Command+B (if you're on a Mac). You will be using the Profiler when you start publishing your movies to the Web so don't forget it's there.



You can move to whatever frame you want once you're in the Profiler. Just push the little indicator to the frame you wantthe indicator is over the size chart on the upper right.

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