Issues with Linked Objects

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When you adjust the linkage properties for a symbol that is not in the movie (and that will be later attached) you must make sure the symbol is exported with the movie. Check the Export in First Frame option to ensure that the symbol is exported.

Setting up linkage properties means that even before your movie's playhead gets to the first frame, it loads in all of the linked objects. This is a big issue if the file is huge. For instance, if you have a 3MB file that is linked in, the whole file will load before moving on to the first frame. This will cause a huge delay on slow connections and it will be well nigh impossible for even slower connections.

The best thing to do is restructure your movie. You should try to set up your movie in a way that you do not need to link objects. Another idea would be to link your object but not export it in the first framemake sure the Export in First Frame option is not checked. There is one problem with this method though: Flash won't export if you do not include the object in the scene. What you have to do is include the object strategically in another scene or within frames away from the action so it can be exported with the movie.

I have set up GDA_PROG14.4.fla just like GDA_PROG14.3.fla, except that I have linked the huge sound file and it exports in the first frame. As I already discussed, what this means is that it will be exporting before the first frame plays. Take a look at the streaming shot I took of the bandwidth profiler in Figure 14.4.

Figure 14.4. Examining linked objects


Notice that the movie is blank while it's loading. The Bandwidth Profiler has a huge bar in the first frame indicating that it stored the sound file there. This is how you can test your movie to make sure everything is running smoothly. Uncheck Export in First Frame from the sound's linkage properties to fix the problem of the sound loading prematurely.

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