Creating a Cycle Region in the Timeline

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Before you audition the cowbell loops, it's a good idea to set up a cycle region in the Timeline. A cycle region is a specific portion of the Timeline that you wish to repeat (cycle) over and over. Cycle regions are very useful for tasks like auditioning, so you don't have to keep stopping and resetting the playhead every time the song ends.


Click the Cycle button in the transport controls.

The Beat Ruler extends to reveal the Cycle Region Ruler.

To select a specific part of the Timeline to cycle, click and drag in the Cycle Region Ruler below the Beat Ruler. The cycle region appears as a yellow bar. You can move a cycle region by clicking in the middle of the yellow bar and dragging forward or backward in the Cycle Region Ruler. You can extend or shorten the cycle region by dragging the left or right edge of the yellow bar.


Click the cycle region area to the right or left of the current cycle region (yellow bar) to delete the current cycle region.

Now let's create a new cycle region.


Click and hold the cycle area below the Beat Ruler at the beginning of the 25th measure. Don't release the mouse.

This is the beginning of the break in the Bass part of the song.


While holding down the mouse button, drag through the Cycle Region Ruler toward the end of the song.

A new yellow cycle region appears from the beginning of the 25th measure to the end of the song.


Release the mouse once you have created a cycle region.


Click the Play button in the transport controls to hear the cycle region.

The playhead will play only the portion of the song marked by the yellow cycle region. The cycle region is played over and over until you stop playback.

    team bbl

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