Adding the Video Clip to the Timeline

The first step is to go and grab the video clip that you will be using for "bleeping out." We've provided you with a practice video clip, called bleeping.avi. It's on the DVD supplied with this book. To avoid harming sensitive ears, no actual expletives were uttered in the making of this clip. If you are familiar with the movie (and book) A Christmas Story, based on the early years of writer and raconteur Jean Shepherd, then you may be also familiar with the frizzledazzlefriggle style of "cursing" that you'll find on this clip.

Add the Supplied Video Clip to the Timeline

Start Premiere Elements and create a new project called bleepeffect.

Click the Get Media from button on the Media panel to access the Get Media from view, if it's not already active.

Select DVD, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Hard Drive Camcorder, Card Reader.

When the Media Downloader displays, click the Advanced Dialog button to switch to Advanced mode.

Select the bleeping.avi clip.

Click the Get Media button. Premiere Elements copies the clip from the DVD onto your hard drive and adds them to the Available Media list for this project.

Click the bleeping.avi clip on the Media panel and drag and drop it onto the My Project Timeline at the very beginning of the Video 1 track (or onto the first scene box, if you're in Sceneline view).

Did You Know?

You can drag and drop clips into Premiere Elements right from Windows Explorer. You don't need to use the tools that Premiere Elements provides for bringing clips into a project from your computer. You can alternatively drag and drop any supported media (including entire folders of media) directly from Windows into Premiere Elements. Use whichever system best suits your working style.

Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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