Resizing and Moving the Anchorman

Our anchorman is not quite in the right place, so we will adjust both his location and his size. We're adjusting his size so that we can see a bit more of the background. On news shows, the upper right corner of the screen is where graphics are displayed representing the next story, such as the graphic of clouds and sun to indicate that the weather report is up next.

Move and Shrink the Anchorman

If the anchor.avi clip is no longer the selected clip, reselect it now.

We need the safe margins on, so if they are not already displayed, click MORE on the Monitor panel and select Safe Margins to display them.

In the Properties panel for the anchor.avi clip, twirl down the triangle next to Motion to twirl it down and reveal the effect's controls.

Make the following changes for the Motion settings:

  • Position: 315.0


  • Scale: 80.0


Did You Know?

You can make your initial adjustments right in the Monitor panel. After you click on the Motion effect in the Properties panel for the anchor.avi clip, a white box appears around the clip in the Monitor panel. You can optionally drag a corner of the box to resize the clip, and then click in the center of the box to move the clip to its new position. Use the Position and Scale controls to fine-tune those settings after you've made your manual adjustments on the Monitor panel.

Understanding Overlays, Backgrounds, and Lower Thirds

Animation Clips

What are animation clips, in terms of broadcast-ready clips used in video productions? These are simply pre-created, computer art variously referred to as overlays or back drops or motion backgroundsDigital Juice calls them "jump backs"which are used to enhance a production and give an ordinary-looking clip some "pizazz" or "punch."

Now that we are all in the business of producing small, fun, and informative clips, it doesn't hurt to add an overlay or lower third when needed to give our productions a little "somethin' somethin" and add a real professional touch to our videos. In fact, these clips are very effective when added to a simple video of a soccer game, bike race, or other action-oriented "extreme" sports moment that you or your family are involved in.

Digital Juice

There are many companies on the Web that create unique and high-quality still and animated clips for the television industry, independent producers, wedding videographers, and home video producers. These are clips we all need, but don't have the time or expertise to create ourselves.

One of the best is Digital Juice (you can find them at They also provide music software, sound effects, royalty-free video, and other packages useful to professional and amateur video producers alike. Digital Juice has provided the animation clips used in this chapter. If you like these, they have many more available that you can download immediately or have shipped to you on DVD.

Digital Juice Sample Clips

An example of a sports-themed back drop or "motion background." This one is 215_Jumpback from Jump Backs 5: Sports.

An example of a wedding- or romance-themed overlay. This is 150_Overlay3 from Editor's Toolkit 7: Wedding Tools II.

An example of a holiday-themed lower third. This one is from Editor's Toolkit 9: Christmas Tools.

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