Setting Line Widths


The line-width selector ( Figure 6.22 ) allows you to specify the width of lines painted by the Line tool, the Arc tool, and the various shape tools ( Figure 6.23 ).

Figure 6.22. Use the line-width selector to set the thickness of lines, arcs, and borders.


Figure 6.23. These tools make use of the current line-width selection.


To choose a line width:

  • In the Paint Tool palette, click one of the options in the line-width selector. (The dotted line represents a zero line widththat is, no line.)

    The next time you use the Line, Rectangle, Arc, Ellipse, or Polygon tools, they will paint with the specified line width.

To create a custom line width:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Paint (Windows) or Director > Preferences > Paint (Mac).


    Double-click the Other Line Width button in the Paint Tool palette. (It's the only option in the line-width selector that's displayed as text.)

    The Paint window Preferences dialog box opens.

  2. Use the "Other" Line Width slider or the adjacent arrows to set the line width ( Figure 6.24 ).

    Figure 6.24. Create a custom line thickness by dragging the slider or clicking the arrows in the Paint Preferences dialog box.


  3. Click OK.

    The Other Line Width button on the Paint Tool palette displays the line width you selected.


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