Working with a Worksheet

The next step is to enter some budget numbers into your worksheet. Later you can update the numbers you enter for practice with your own actual amounts. The budget worksheet should be open and visible on the screen from the previous exercise. Follow these steps to improve upon your worksheet:

  1. Click in cell B4 and type the value 600 . When you're done typing, press the down-arrow key to move down to the next cell.

  2. Type 278.30 and press the down-arrow key. Notice that the second number to the right of the decimal point is cut off.

  3. Type 160 in cell B6, the cell that displays your Utility expense in January. Press the down-arrow key when you're done typing.

  4. Instead of typing a number in the next cell, you're going to let Excel calculate your grocery expense. To let Excel know that you're going to perform a calculation, type an = sign and then type 135 , the plus sign ( + ), and the number 47.82 . Your cell entry should look like the following:


    Take care not to enter any spaces between the numbers and the operators. Press the down arrow when you've checked your typing. The result of the simple calculation appears in the cell.

  5. Move down to cell A11 and press Ctrl+:. The current date is displayed. Press Enter to enter the date into the cell.

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